The Weight of the World (2013)

– Sanguine Hum

Sanguine Hum from Oxforshire have followed up their debut album Diving Bell with a twisting and turning record that encompasses all that is good in new rock music.

Their sound has been described as Radio Head meets Porcupine Tree but they have also have vocal homage to Jonas Bjerre from Mew and Green Gartside and guitar riffs that would not shame Steve Hillage.

The opening track “From The Ground Up” sets the tone for a searing and soaring, flitting and flighting, quirky and modern progressive record. Plenty of key changes and triplets and quadruplets.Looking at the videos of them at work these boys can play and look like they have been classically trained.

“System for Solution” prods and pushes until the guitar solo outs itself and undoes the shackles to get free. Many of the tracks draw from the modern classical of Reich and Adams as well as many many progressive influences. That repeating pattern of notes in 12/8 time (OK not quite but you get the idea) develop into challenging and thought provoking music that asks the listener to hit the repeat button to check they heard right.

“Days of Release” is possibly the stand out track blending electronica with a nerve tingling beat, good melody and an array of instruments which blends neatly into the next track “Phosphor”. Have Sanguine Hum pushed the creative boundaries to produce one of progressive and landmark albums of 2013? In true prog fashion many listenings will help you decide.

Recorded at Oxford’s Evolution studios, Joff Winks (vocals, guitars, programming), Matt Baber (keyboards, percussion, programming), Brad Waissman (bass) and Andrew Booker (drums, percussion)
To promote “The Weight of the World”, Sanguine Hum will be performing at The Borderline in London on Friday June 7th with Tin Spirits and Matt Stevens.