Songs for Days (2007)

– Joff Winks Band

Reading through the MM archive, it seems that Winks and Co’s last single caused a bit of consternation in the MOR Versus Rock stakes. In fact Share My Blues isn’t featured on this album. Songs For Days is an intelligent album littered with light melodies and a pleasing degree of twisting semi-prog arrangements. The pure, carefully jangled guitars are set within a frame of piano, keyboards and inventive drum beats, but it is of course the voice of the Oxford quartets band leader, Joff himself, that adds the final convincing stroke. Before We Bow Down is an impressive, ambling slice of extended wigged out melody. Joff Winks Band are more melancholy but no less complex or engaging than bands like Mute Math and other complex indie rock projects. A rewarding album that’s well worth repeated dips into its rich selection of carefully constructed songs.