Special Edition of Live in America

We’re happy to share with you a new video clip of the forthcoming DVD/CD release Sanguine Hum – Live in America. We’re also now ready to reveal details about pre-ordering your copy of the DVD and how YOU can help us to complete Sanguine Hum’s next ambitious double album project ‘Now We Have Light’

One thousand strictly limited copies of this live DVD will be available and will not be repressed in the future. Each copy will be individually numbered and includes the 12 song film recorded at Rosfest in May 2012, an accompanying CD of the performance, plus an audio interview with the band recorded the day after the show, along with a photo gallery. Sales from this DVD will be directly funding the next Sanguine Hum album, ‘Now We Have Light’.

However, if you would like an opportunity to help the band just a little bit further then read on…

As we mentioned, the follow up to the ‘Weight of the World’ will be a double, concept album and we need as much help as we can with the extra studio costs and our plans to make this the best ‘Hum’ album to date, both musically and visually. To this end we will be setting aside the first 50 copies of ‘Live in America’ as special “fund raiser packages” priced at £30.00.

For those willing to pay the extra, other than our eternal gratitude, you will receive:

A hand signed copy of the DVD/CD ‘Live in America’, numbered from 1 to 100
Your name printed in the booklet for ‘Now We Have Light’ as an official “album sponsor”
Exclusive, unreleased bonus tracks from the RoSFest performance in a digital format of your choice.
A chance to stream ‘Now We Have Light’ before it’s official release date.

We appreciate every purchase by every listener, but if you feel like digging in to your pockets that little bit further then the “Live in America fund raiser package” of just 100 copies is available to pre-order now exclusively from Troopers For Sound.

The standard release will be ready to pre-order shortly after the “fundraiser” copies, We’re expecting to start shipping the first copies in around 6 to 8 weeks.

In the meantime, please enjoy another track from the DVD as we revisit one of the earliest pieces we composed, dating back to when we were writing as Antique Seeking Nuns, featuring a blistering guitar solo from Joff Winks.