Why donate to Troopers For Sound?

The music industry faces huge challenges today, more in fact than ever before. The wider music industry is facing a huge funding crisis leading to cuts in developing mew music. Making music as independent musicians is always a struggle and many releases do not break even, making it hard to record and release future records.

Troopers For Sound is entirely self-financed by the contributing musicians who release music on the label. In order to make music of this specialist nature and to continue to make quality releases we rely on your patronage. We would greatly appreciate donations of any amount, all of which goes directly towards funding future recording projects and the day to day running costs of administering the label.

If you would like to make a donation please use the paypal donate button below and become a trooper for sound today.

In the mean time check out past and present Troopers for Sound releases on our catalogue section or visit our Facebook page.