– Matt Baber

Release date: 16th Sep 2013

Digital Download:

Album tracklist:

1. Testing
2. Main Theme From Outskirts
3. That Would Appear to be That
4. Beta Max
5. Drum Road
6. Osloop One
7. Run
8. Trojan
9. Head Down
10 Red Dust
11. Osloop Two
12. It’s Behind You

About this album:

Inspired by the cover image, and the hypothetical question “what would an album with that cover sound like?”, the all-instrumental recording Outskirts attempts an answer with an unusual mix of electronica, Jazz Rock and Prog. This first officially released Matt Baber album follows on from a number of privately released recordings, including the seven album project Cheap Electrolysis.

Performed by Matt Baber: Drums, Electronic Percussion, Rhodes, Synths, Piano, Sound Effects
Written, Recorded and Mixed at Little Benteens, Oxford, May 2013.
Cover Image Taken April 2013, New York.