Songs for Days

– Joff Winks Band

Release date: 9th Jul 2007

Digital Download:

Album tracklist:

1. Bookend
2. Revisited Song
3. Before We Bow Down
4. Cast Adrift
5. Juniper
6. Little Machines
7. Milo
8. It Grows In Me Garden
9. Someone Else’s Words
10. Hedonic Treadmill
11. Ace Train
12. Revisited Song Revisited
13. Morning Sun

About this album:

Songs For Days is the only album made by Joff Winks Band as well as being the first album length release on Troopers For Sound.

The idea for the record simply began as a collection of Winks’ songs with what was effectively Antique Seeking Nuns as backing band. However, over the coarse of a few years Joff Winks Band began to assume a separate musical identity all of its own.
As such, Songs For Days had a lot of ground to cover and a great deal of expectation to live up to and this is reflected in the stunning diversity and integrity of the performances and compositions.

After much sniffing around by the “music industry” Songs For Days was eventually to become an entirely self-produced and self-financed recording, something that had a massive effect in shaping the final result.

Joff Winks Band’s Songs For Days is certainly an “album” in the sense that it has a dramaturgical flow that is almost filmic in nature, with long sections of the album segued together.Highly atmospheric sound collages and an ambient prelude balance the sweeter aspects of the record with a darker mood and various interludes interspersed throughout the songs create an important sense of continuity between the compositions.

The directness of earlier singles such as New Streets and Share My Blues is represented in the nostalgic and reflective pieces Cast Adrift and Revisited Song, whilst the “knottier” aspect of Antique seeking Nuns shines through in Before We Bow Down and Hedonic Treadmill.The rest of the album finds a winning balance between the two styles, as classic tracks such as Juniper and Ace Train demonstrate, and it’s not surprising that for many listeners Songs For Days remains a particular favourite.

The album was released in download format only to excellent reviews. A hard copy release is planned for the near future.

Featured review:

“‘Songs for Days’ occasionally also strays into the territory of prog, demonstrating both the bands creative range, and the freedom their DIY existence offers, but this only intensifies feelings of admiration and wonder I felt at how I’d somehow already heard of the band, who have only released on their own label, and had scant promotion on XFM, BBC 6 music and Zane Lowe’s Fresh Meat battle of the bands competition (they won). Having toured with luminaries like Ray LaMontagne, Regina Spektor, and The earlies, I suppose this is hardly surprising.

“Listening to the album, I started to experience the same feelings of excitement as when I discovered The Veils’ second album last year, but Joff Winks Band is an even more exciting prospect if you get in on the ground floor now before they sign a megabucks label deal”.

Subba Cultcha

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