Someone Else’s Words

– Joff Winks Band

Release date: 4th Jul 2005

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Album tracklist:

1. Someone Else’s Words

About this album:

Someone Else’s Words was a special vinyl only release with just the title track on the A-side.

This collector’s item was promoted with a live on air performance on BBC 6 music in the summer of 2005. The 7” gatefold vinyl release featured an earlier recording and mix of Someone Else’s Words than the re recorded version eventually released on Songs For Days.

Featured review:

“Moments of wiry guitar led pop are mixed with piano chiming highs and stripped out acoustic lows. Vocals chew up the melody in the verse and soar in the chorus, while special mention goes out to the drummer, who not only captures the crest of the tidal wave, but pushes it even higher with legendary awareness of the direction the song has taken”.

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