Share My Blues

– Joff Winks Band

Release date: 13th Feb 2006

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Album tracklist:

1. Share My Blues
2. Juniper

About this album:

Share my blues was released as a stand alone CD single and was one of the most frequently played live tracks at the time.

Share My Blues is perhaps the most mainstream song that Joff Winks Band recorded and fits well alongside tracks such as New Streets and Revisited Song. A completely different recording of the classic Songs For Days album track – Juniper, is featured as the B-Side.

Featured review:

“Joff’s vocal is as good as ever, confidently delivering the work-too-hard and get home late lyrics.
It’s clear that this music has the general appeal required to head towards a chart position, but it’s all derived from a credible talented band that can throw in something more interesting for the more discerning listener”.

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